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Nadiya's Back Again

Posted by mano basu on the 6 October 2023 in

Nadiya's Back Again

and things are hotting up in this Good Spaces kitchen. Spices just got made simple thanks to the lovely @nadayajhussain . Fragrant, flavoursome and fun as ever.

Thank you Wall to Wall for returning with the new Simple Spices series.

Wednesday BBC 2 8pm

I don’t know about you but I’m off to make the kulfi pistachio and raspberry ice cream bars!!

 Location Code: 0654D (Devon)

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Go Bold with Black!

Posted by mano basu on the 29 September 2023 in

Go Bold with Black!

These black beauties are as dramatic as this week’s weather. If you’re hunkering down in a storm or wanting to gaze at a summer sunset, these locations have got you covered. Go bold, go black, be beautiful.

Location Codes:
0848C - Cornwall
0852D - Devon
0836B - Bath
0815B - Bristol
0814G - Gloucestershire

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I was in a particularly good space on this day !

Posted by Mano Basu on the 8 September 2023 in

I was in a particularly good space on this day !

I was lucky enough to visit @abigailahern in her home to experience a masterclass of her vision of maximalism and creativity first hand.

Every room was a full on sensory experience with ambient lighting, inky tones, huggy textures and the most unforgettable pot pourri !

Thank you @abigailahern ( and Graham) for an inspiring day. You’ve transformed my home, my thinking and many of my location owners homes too!
#designinspo #designinspiration #abigailahern #lifestyle #interiorstyling #queenofdarkness #texturesandtones #genius #goodspace #bebrave #lingerlonger

Anyone for tennis?

Posted by Mano Basu on the 7 July 2023 in

Anyone for tennis?

We’re serving up some Good Spaces tennis aces this week for you!!
Our levels of bespoke location service means were hitting a lot of balls back and forth, but we’ve got a strong record of first serves, no double faults and when we need it, we’ve got a wicked back spin!

Our consistent, calm approach would keep any umpire happy!

With our ranking, we’re always aiming for game, set & match!

Location Codes:
0654D – Devon:

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