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How Do I register?

Registration with Good Spaces is simple. All we require you to do is to fill out the form in 'REGISTER' , and press submit. All information and contact details are strictly confidential. Only a ref number and area will appear on the website.

Don't forget to let us know if you have anything interesting in your home/garden because clients contact us with extremely varied briefs from, city penthouses to garden sheds to regency front doors!

How much does it cost to register?

Nothing! It’s free.

How much can I make on my location?

This varies from job to job. Filming involves early starts, late finishes, larger crew sizes (10+) far more disruption but pays better and stills photography pays less, is more straight forward, less intrusive and typically an 8 hour day. To give you a rough idea of daily rates expect £400+ for stills and £1000+ for filming.

How many pics do you want?

It’s a competitive industry so good pics are key and the client may not have time to do a recce so your photos may be all they have to go by. Clients need to get a good idea of the location so within reason, the more the better, but if you are emailing, keep file sizes to approx 300KB.

When will I get paid?

This depends. Some clients are willing to pay up front for the location; others have their own 30-day payment terms. As soon as we receive payment from our client, we will pay you.

Once I have Registered?

We will assess your registration and work out whether your location is suitable, re size of rooms, daylight, the location, access, parking etc. You’d be surprised what we get asked for, so even if your location does not appear on the site, we have a digitised database of additional locations. We will contact you and gather more information which will be useful when talking to clients.

What happens next?

We have a huge client list including stylists, art directors, photographers, magazines, TV production agencies, locations managers and more, all of whom we are in regular contact with. By registering with us your location will automatically be advertised to our vast client base through our website. Clients will also contact us direct with a brief. If a location manager needs to recce your location, we will be in contact to arrange a convenient time.

Will you photograph my property?

As a small company, we will not be able to visit all the potential locations who register with us, but we will try to organise a recce at some point. It is therefore important that you provide us with a good selection and quality of pics that best represents your location if this is possible.

If my location is required?

We will contact you and tell you what the shoot is, when it would be, crew size involved, what rooms/areas they would want to use and what their budget is. You can then accept or decline the job depending on budgets or availability.

A recce, is no guarantee that your location will be chosen. You do not need to be present on shoot days, but it’s always good to be meet the crew and reiterate house rules etc.

Can you guarantee that my location will be used?

The briefs are so varied, so unfortunately we can’t. If your property matches the client’s brief, we will put it forward. Your location might be short listed but there is still no guarantee that it will be chosen.

What happens if something gets damaged?

We never allow a shoot to commence unless we receive a copy of the clients Public Liability Insurance. Any damages will be covered under this document.

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To find out more please call Mano on +44 (0) 7976 833493.

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